Dodi King (b. 1999, Florida, USA) is a writer and visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. King takes an eclectic approach to the search for meaning through the construction of personal mythologies drawn from a theoretical foundation in esoterica, folklore, and ancient belief systems. King’s writing and visual practices function in tandem and often overlap, with the incorporation of linguistics, symbology and spiritual embodiment. Rooted in storytelling, their work seeks to challenge our collective perception of the dichotomy between reality and unreality, revealing the autobiographical nature of imagination.

Their poetry has appeared in Helen Literary Magazine and the Santa Clara Review. Recent solo and group exhibitions include Mirror Mirror, Superposition (New York, NY); Get a Load of This!, Daniel Raphael (London, UK); Black Voices: Friend of My Mind, Ross-Sutton Gallery (New York, NY); and NADA Miami, Cooper Cole (Toronto, ON).

IG @geniebotanica